Sunday, 20 December 2020

See Hear Bonus episode with The Projection Booth - The Ventures: Stars On Guitars

Once again, See Hear and The Projection Booth have collaborated on an episode.....or The Projection Booth invited Maurice onto the show and See Hear is now riding the coattails of the Booth.

He joins Mike White and film maker / drummer / surf enthusiast Skizz Cyzyk to talk about the new documentary on the sonically adventurous and prolific Washington band, The Ventures. The film is a loving look at the career and longevity of the surf music icons, directed by Don Wilson's daughter, Staci Layne Wilson.

They talk about the surf sound and whether it's in the guitar or the song name, the band's history, their reputation as song interpreters, their relationship to their Japanese fan base, and so much more.

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