Monday, 22 March 2021

See Hear Podcast Episode 83 - Black Snake Moan


We're sure you've all said or heard, “Don't judge a book by it's cover”. That can logically be extended on occasion to “Don't judge a film by its poster art”.

Welcome to episode 83 of See Hear Podcast.

Tim is finally rejoining the show after having been absent since October 2020. We welcomed him back with his choice of a round-table film discussion. No interviews....just the “terrible trio”. He picked a film by director Craig Brewer, whose earlier film Hustle and Flow is part of See Hear lore (don't try looking the episode up, it ain't there).

If you look at the poster art you will get the impression you're about to watch a sleazy tribute to early 70s grindhouse cinema. The truth is a little more complex than that. We advise you not to rage against the perception of what it is, but to absorb what it REALLY is...let us be your guides. Samuel L Jackson plays an ex-blues guitarist whose life is broken. He discovers a battered Christina Ricci outside his farm – she's also someone whose life is broken. Sam's character tries to heal her though chains, religion and the blues.

The film has its detractors, but we believe it's more from THAT poster than the content. Tune in as we talk about anxiety, Christina Ricci's knack for acting in films where she's kidnapped, and dancing as catharsis.

There's also a Welcome Back Kotter reference because....we had to.

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