Friday, 15 July 2022

See Hear Podcast Episode 99 - Interview with Kevin Hosmann, director of "The Album"


We're so used to the idea of art being hung in museums or on our walls, that we forget that we have may have hundreds or thousands of pieces of art hiding in plain sight – on shelves in our record or CD collections.

Welcome to episode 99 of See Hear Podcast.

Anytime you go exploring through your local record or CD store, before you even hear the music, the potential to draw you to an album you're unfamiliar with is the cover art. They can be futuristic paintings, posed photos, extravagant, plain, in questionable taste, exciting or dull. The designer is the person the musicians have entrusted to be the gateway to their own work.

Kevin Hosmann is an album cover designer and first time film maker. He has released a documentary paying tribute to his colleagues in the design profession. He speaks to a lot of them, many who have designed many iconic covers over the course of popular music history, and many who have just designed functional covers. The film explores their experiences and the history of this artform. Does the cover art always say something about the music? How much does an album's iconic status relate to the front (or rear) cover? How have things changed in the streaming age?

Kevin's film is a fascinating exploration into a side of the music business we don't always consider, but is hugely important. Bernie and I were fascinated hearing him talk about his own experiences as a cover designer (Beastie Boys, Ice Cube) as well as telling stories about giants in the field like Reid Miles, Roger Dean and Tom Wilkes. Tune in, then watch the film – you'll be very entertained,

The film is streaming on Prime or in England on Sky Arts International. You can keep up with album cover talk at the film's Facebook site:

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