Tuesday, 22 February 2022

See Hear Podcast Episode 94 - Interview with director Tamara Saviano about "Without Getting Killed Or Caught"


Texas has given the world some great songwriters: Willie Nelson, Lyle Lovett, and Kinky Friedman (yes indeed!!!) among may others. When you discuss one of the most revered Texan songsmiths, (who lived much of his life in Nashville), you really have to discuss two others as well.

Welcome to episode 94 of See Hear Podcast.

Tim and I were rapt to welcome to the show author and film maker Tamara Saviano. She co directed with her husband Paul Whitfield a documentary about Guy Clark called Without Getting Killed Or Caught. Of course, you can't discuss Guy without talking about his wife Susanna and their friend Townes Van Zandt – their lives were all closely connected. They wrote together, lived together and loved each other deeply. The story has joy, tragedy, art, knives, boats, and a very healthy respect for songwriting. These three and the community of songwriters they worked with in Nashville would share their work, for the sake of the song. The perfect song was king....rivalries be damned.

Tamara and Paul have put together a wonderful film that really gets under the skin of what it's like to be devoted to your art so much that it can come at the expense of the relationships around you. This film was a complete joy to watch, and we thank Tamara immensely for being so generous with her time to talk about her work with Guy and about Guy.

You can watch the film on demand from https://www.withoutgettingkilledorcaught.com/

You can also find the book or ebook wherever you get great reading material from.

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