Thursday, 27 August 2020

See Hear Podcast Episode 76 - Favourite Concert Films (with Allan Arkush)

For most music fans, there’s a mantra about their favourite band (mine even named their live album after it) – they were better live…..but is the visceral thrill of seeing a band perform on a stage lost when watching their performance in a film? Or can the film maker bring something new to the experience via the medium?

Welcome to episode 76 of See Hear Podcast.

In all the time Tim, Bernie and I have been podcasting, we’ve never done a show dedicated to concert films. Individual films are spoken about in forums or articles, but they seem rarely considered as a class of film the way other genres are. We attempt to correct that, by inviting back to the show film director and music enthusiast Allan Arkush to talk about his favourites and what makes a concert film work. Does a great performance by the artists necessarily make a great film? If you’ve heard Allan speak before on the Trailers From Hell website or are a fan of his films like Rock And Roll High School, Get Crazy or The Temptations, or his episodes of Fame (the TV show), then you do not want to miss this episode. We were thrilled to have Allan spend time with us talking about a subject close to all our hearts.

As well as our discussion, host of the brilliant Supporting Characters podcast, Bill Ackerman presents some thoughts on his favourite concert film. Huge thanks to you, Bill.

Be aware that we left out many great films.....we can't recall everything for a conversation like this, but hopefully, this provides the basis for further great conversations.

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