Tuesday, 28 July 2020

See Hear Podcast Episode 75 - Outlaw Blues

A musician is let out of prison. He goes with his partner on a mission to right a wrong. Together they're chased by the police and a pissed off country singer, while causing the destruction of countless vehicles along the way......

....and their names aren't Jake and Elwood.

Welcome to episode 75 of See Hear Podcast.

Bernie, Tim and I park the Kingswood at the drive-in to watch Outlaw Blues, a forgotten American film of the 70s. Peter Fonda and Susan Saint James set out on a mission to et revenge on a famous country singer who steals Fonda's song and makes himself a packet. A fight ensues, said country singer is shot in the foot, and Fonda becomes a man on the run.

We spend time yakking about the film's merits, some other big Highwaymen who dabbled their toes in the cinematic waters, two of John Carradine's sons, and how it holds up against other films about songwriters and the counter-culture. Most importantly, is this film a good way to spend 90 minutes?

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